Two Sports Connected By Stitches

The Lake City Youth Baseball Association (LCYBA) was officially formed in 2008 by a small team of baseball enthusiasts that wanted to help provide a competitive, affordable and nurturing baseball program for the youth of Lake City and the surrounding area. What once consisted of 2 nights a week in-town games has turned into an 11 team, 4 league, 2 sport organization led by a dedicated group of volunteer coaches, directors, and committees.

In 2014 the LCYBA and a group of supportive parents began offering a summer fastpitch program for the girls of Lake City and other surrounding communities. What initially started with one team has now grown to 4 teams at 4 different age levels. This program also extends into the fall season as well as a higher level dome league in the winter time.

It made sense for the LCYBA to help fund and organize the softball program as it’s proven model of success would be easy to implement within the softball community. Although the games are very similar, there are many differences in the way they are played. But one common thing is the two sports are connected by the stitches of the ball.